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Single Screw Lock / Thumb Lock USB 3.1 Type-C (USB-C) male to Panel Mount USB-C Female Cable


USB Type C Extension Cable is specially designed for industry equipment, and also compatible with extending and protecting normal USB-C Port on USB-C devices, such as Nintendo Switch, Type-C Smartphone or Laptop. Supports Data Transferring & Charging.


- Has a Unique single screw lock on the USB-C connector.

- Has a panel mount female end for fixing on the equipment side.
- Can be used with non-screw lock devices.
- Can be connected with the screw lock mechanism engaged.

- USB-C Extension Cable with panel mount locking screw will provide more reliable and secure mating mechanism for industrial and other user application.

- This Short USB Type C Extender will protect C-Type Port of Devices from damage because of frequently inserting in and pulling out.

- It can transfer Data up to 10Gbps, 4K HDMI Video Signal and also support Charging.

Colors Available:

- Black


- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.

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Manufacturer's Information:

- Brand: Generic / OEM


- Net Weight: ??g approx.

- Product Length: from 0.3 meters to 2 meters (1 foot to 6.6 feet)

- Connector 1: Single Screw Locking USB 3.1 / USB-C male (Panel Mount)

- Connector 2: USB 3.1 / USB-C female (Panel Mount)
- Pitching: 17mm

Package Includes:

- Single Screw Lock / Thumb Lock USB 3.1 Type-C (USB-C) male to Panel Mount USB-C Female Cable
x 1


- Polybag


  • Model: AP006440
  • Shipping Weight: 50Kg

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